Manual Handling and Patient Handling

This 1-day course is divided into two parts. First, Manual Handling, which explains the advantages, reasons for and principles of safe lifting and secondly, Patient Handling, which trains staff in safe moving and handling techniques and informs them of the dangers associated with unsafe patient moving and handling.

Course Objectives:

  1. Provide the learner with the knowledge and understanding of the principles of manual handling
  2. Give the learner the skills and attitude to demonstrate competency in safe manual handling tasks
  3. Use patient handling and moving equipment and moving aids to ensure safe movement in conjunction with the
    patient handling and moving risk assessment
  4. Understand how to protect yourself, your colleagues and the person/patient using the principles of
    safe manual handling & patient handling and moving

Course Modules

Unit 1:

  1. Definition of Manual Handling
  2. Legislative Requirements
  3. Anatomy and Backcare
  4. Fitness & Flexibility
  5. Biomechanics
  6. Risk Assessment and Ergonomics
  7. Safe Lifting Principles and Procedures
  8. Written and Practical Assessments

Unit 2:

  1. Principles of Safe Manual Handling and Patient Handling and Moving
  2. Practical Demonstration of Safe Lifting Techniques & Procedures
  3. Two-Person Lifts and the Importance of Communication
  4. Use of Patient Moving Equipment and Moving Aids
  5. Understanding the Use of Beds, Hoists and (Wheel) Chairs
  6. Evacuation Procedures
  7. Demonstrating Competency in Safe People Moving
Course Duration: 1 Day
Course Participation: 10


Successful participants will be issued with a recognised manual handling & patient handling certificate which is valid for 3 years.
€600 for group of up to 10 or €120 per person

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